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At Fourth View, we pursue new ways to share knowledge and discover perspectives on current events. A constructive dialogue is the ultimate agent for change, yet the media rarely talks to anyone outside their bubble. That’s why we’re hosting live events on campuses across the country - to bring issues and discussions to life with people who seek a better way to be informed. KEEP READING
Above: A play on a vintage greeting card, this infographic was designed for a client to notify the public that the Department of Homeland Security's public charge rules changed. Below: The citizenship booklet presented key statistics from the study they were highlighting. KEEP READING
Slide Above: A newspaper-style headline designed to feature our Mueller Report article. Below: This post brought readers to our "Quick View" on the deceptive behavior of an international news group. Just as the group's actions surprised many, the in-your-face colors and haphazardly-placed icons of backers shocked readers and stoked their curiosity. Slide Above: With negotitations flaring up over NAFTA 2.0 (USMCA), we designed the above infographic to highlight the FOIA information we acquired from Canada about NAFTA visas and how it could play a role in trade talks. Middle: Autos, which fueled much of the U.S. debt with Japan, was highlighted here. Below: A cargo ship sails into a register machine that was Soft Light filtered through Photoshop, with the title of article registered into the side like a line item. Slide Above: National Emergency has fun by using elements from the band Foreigner's "Urgent" song and album cover alongside a box of "Emergen-C," complete with a "Super Orange" Donald Trump character to add a twist of color. Below: When the government stopped working, we made a wall, which was the main reason over the shutdown, graffitied with the leaders of the White House, Senate and House. KEEP READING Slide INFOGRAPHICS
Whether they're reading a report, perusing a brochure, or visiting a website, audiences appreciate the descriptiveness and brevity of high quality.
People want to know what's happening and get involved in the causes they care about, so make your event visible and shareable wherever they may learn about it. KEEP READING