What are the protests seeking to accomplish and how can policy proposals improve relations between police and their communities? This was how we kicked off our discussion with Molly Davis from the Libertas Institute and Rafael A. Mangual from the Manhattan Institute.

Protests are a direct call for police reform

Davis highlighted that Libertas and other think tanks have been looking at the related issue of criminal justice reform for some time, a fact that is often overlooked when most outlets are discussing proposals. She added that citizens have been consistent in what they are seeking – accountability and responsibility – before explaining her ten proposals. Among the top recommendations? End unwarranted searches and end qualified immunity.

We need a more focused, professional solution

Mangual saw the protest more as “an expression of anger” than a response to a specific problem in the police relationship, although there is much work to be done to improve relations. As a result, his recommendations centered more around creating a better, more professional environment as opposed to restricting specific strategies or techniques. Perhaps the closest agreement between Mangual and Davis was their disappointment with no-knock raids, though Mangual stopped short of a full ban like Davis endorsed.

Check out the highlights below before checking out the full video.