On Tuesday we sat down with Ross Marchand, Vice President of Policy at the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, along with Naufal Sanaullah, Macro Strategist at EIA All Weather Alpha Partners, to discuss the economic recovery from the pandemic and likelihood of future stimulus actions. This was the second Zooming In discussion we’ve hosted, and it didn’t disappoint.

It’s working, but what needs to be done next?

Both Marchand and Sanaullah agreed that we are likely to see more government action, but they disagreed on which programs were most effective and warranted more spending. While Marchand recognized the need for the Payroll Protection Program, he sees the rising deficit to be a cause of concern. Sanaullah agreed that the Payroll Protection Program and fiscal stimulus were helpful, but more sustained action would be necessary. Sanaullah went further saying that the Federal Government will need to assist state and local municipalities, and that future stimulus money should be targeted towards low-income consumers where there is a greater multiplier effect.

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