Template Coronavirus is a term applied to a family of viruses, ranging from the common cold to SARS or MERS. The most recently discovered Coronavirus from Wuhan is officially referred to as COVID-19. 01 While a study suggested pregnant mothers cannot transfer the virus to their fetus, it is possible for newborns to get infected. In a study of children who contracted the virus, most will have mild symptoms. But those under a year old are most likely to develop severe symptoms. 02 A study showed Initial symptoms included a dry cough, followed by a fever. On the third day, nausea and vomiting occurred, followed by diarrhea and abdominal discomfort days later. Then, shortness of breath and pneumonia appear, with improved conditions and fever subsiding by the twelfth day. Two weeks in, a runny nose was left and a mild cough. 04 The WHO states incubation period ranges from 1-14 days with an average of 5. Rare cases can last up to 24 days. 03 SPOREadic Facts

April 6, 2020